It is important to have the perfect wedding shoes for bride because it is pointless to have a nice wedding dress without the shoes that aren’t perfect. The biggest influence on your choice will have the kind of wedding that you are planning. In case of an evening wedding you could go for the sandals, but in case of a ballroom you need beaded mules.

The color when looking for brides’ wedding shoes

You might think that all white is white, but there are different shades, and this is why it could be useful to take a sample of fabric with you when looking for the shoes for wedding. In many of the cases the dresses come in diamond white color and if the shoes don’t match, you could tone down the dress.

Wedding Shoes for BrideAlterations

When you are going to try on wedding dresses, you should take along bride’s wedding shoes of similar height that you are going to have at your wedding. In case of the final alterations you should have the actual shoes with you.

In many cases the hem is made according to the shoes, and this is why it is important to have the wedding shoes with you. Also make sure that you won’t change the wedding shoes for bridal attire.


The clue regarding the fabric that you should choose for the shoes is given by the bottom of the dress. In case the dress is made of shiny fabric, the satin shoes work out the best. On the other hand the sheen dresses are great with crepe brides’ wedding shoes. Of course if the dress is made of lace, the shoes have to be lacy as well.


There may be some confusion regarding the style, but there is a rule that you have to keep in mind in case of wedding shoes for bride: fancy shoes for the simple dress and simple shoes for the fancy dress. Naturally the embellishments also have a word to say.

Embellishments and details

If you choose brides’ wedding shoes with details or embellishments and the dress also has some, you have to make sure that they match. As an example in case there are rhinestones or crystals on the shoes, the work best with shiny, bejeweled or sequined dresses. Beaded shoes work just great with pearly dresses.

Think about yourself

Your silhouette also influences the kinds of wedding shoes for bride you should be looking for. Keep in mind that the least material the shoes have, the better your leg will look in them. If you happen to have skinny ankles, you should be looking for low-cut shoes.

In the majority of the cases those are the best brides’ wedding shoes that come with low-cut sling or low-cut pumps. Also the narrower the heel is, the better. Keep in mind that the narrow toes make the feet look slimmer, unlike the rounded ones.

You might have seen that there are many wedding shoes for bride, and the choice is up to you.



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