You obviously want wedding shoes that will look as spectacular as the wedding dress – but perhaps you don’t want shoes that are so spectacular that you never get to wear them anywhere again. So how you do get really dressy shoes for your special day and also be practical about it?

Wedding Footwear

Well you answer is shoe décor – bows, clips, rosettes, colored stones, ankle bracelets, shoe harnesses; the ideas are endless. We look at some of the ways in which to instantly transform your wedding shoes into a work of art:

Shoe tattoos

They are called shoe appliqués, or shoe decals, or shoe tattoos – they may be in different colors, or rhinestones, or other jewel finishes. They can simply be glued on to your shoes for a short time to up the glamour quotient immediately.

And since such dressy shoes are probably not going to be very appropriate for when you go back to work, you simply detach the appliqués or tattoos or add-ons and you’re back to your plain but classy shoe.

Shoe clips

If you do a cursory search for “shoe clips” on Amazon, you will find an amazing variety of shoe clips to choose from. Many of the clips could be casual and fun, but many will be worthy of the classiest wedding. Jewelry shoe clips with pearls, rhinestones, crystal and faux crystal are just some of the options.

You can even choose a chiffon flower clip the same color as your wedding bouquet. Or you may find that a classy satin bow attached to the top of the heel color coordinates your whole outfit to perfection. Tip: you can also use the same shoe clip for your wedding bouquet or as part of your outfit!

Jazz up the soles

Detachable soles for your shoes can be another clever ploy, especially if you have a fully length gown and not much of your shoes will be visible anyway. A plain blue sole can be your “something blue” or a blue glitter decal for the shoe sole could say something cute like “I Do”! A simple all over glitter shoe sole addition could also be a stunning addition.

Ankle bracelets

If you have picked a shorter length for your wedding dress you may want to think in terms of an ankle bracelet. Some of these attach to the shoes or the heel, but others simply go around the ankle. Pick a delicate lace creation, something with pretty chains or even some beads and pearls.



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