wedding shoesThe wedding shoes are perhaps one of the most important parts of your wedding decisions.

This is a fact and you cannot deny you have been thinking a lot what kind of shoes to choose.

The wedding experts are advising brides with classic style to go for flat wedding shoes, because they are actually comfortable and go well with the typical wedding bride.

In case you are going to be a bride with unique style and you will probably choose high-heels for your big day, just make sure you test the shoes first. Try two weeks before the wedding to wear similar shoes to your wedding pair and do not underestimate the importance of the shoes.

Overall, you will be dancing, walking and partying on high heels, which is not easy if you don’t feel comfortable.

Of course, any woman would go for high heels, for they are the eternal accessory, but even thought they look great with your gown, if they are not providing comfort to your feet, just don’t choose them.

The right wedding shoes are 5-inch heels, because they are not so high and you will not risk ruining your own wedding, wearing shoes, which will make you feel like a streetwalker.



  1. Yes,i agree that wedding shoes are one of the most important parts of wedding decisions.You have given really such nice information here about wedding shoes.I appreciate it!Thanks for also sharing the pros and cons of wedding shoes.


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