It is a well-known fact that women have a lot of problems with uncomfortable shoes, but this is something that men also have to consider, especially in case of men’s wedding shoes. So which ones to choose for which occasion?

Black tie wedding and wedding shoes for men

In case you have to attend a black tie wedding, you should make sure that you wear a tuxedo and that you also have a black dress shoe. In case of rented tuxedos you might also get some shoes, but you shouldn’t wear them. You can never know who wore them before you and you don’t want anything embarrassing to happen during the wedding.

Mens Wedding ShoesBefore the wedding the wedding shoes for men need some shine. You could do this on your own or you could find a professional.

Dressy weddings

In case you are wearing a suite, you could have a lot more options when it comes to men’s wedding shoes. This is one of the most common cases. In this situation you should be looking for shoes that are darker than your suit.

As an example if you have a black suit, you should wear black wedding shoes for men, but in case you have a navy suit, you have a lot more options, ranging from burgundy to black.


It is becoming more and more popular for people to get married on a beach. In case you are invited to such a wedding it doesn’t mean that you don’t need men’s wedding shoes, and that you can have a pair of flip flops. In fact, you still have to take care of your footwear, and as an example, you could have a pair of sandals.


Usually when people refer to Vegas weddings they refer to those that happen on short notice. If you have to attend a wedding that takes place in Vegas, you have a lot more options regarding wedding shoes for men. Actually you could opt for just any kind of shoes but the important thing is for them to be comfortable and fun to wear.


Just as in case of the shoes for women, the men’s wedding shoes also need to be taken care of when they aren’t in use. This is why you should clean them after every time you wear the shoes, and put stretchers in them for the shoes to keep their original shape.

When you are looking for some wedding shoes for men, you can be sure that there are a lot of brands to choose from, and also you might get overwhelmed by the multitude of different styles for such shoes.

Since the weddings take a long time, when you are looking for men’s wedding shoes, you should make sure that they are comfortable and that you can dance the night away with them. Although a lot of people think that these shoes need to be expensive, keep in mind that you could also find the perfect ones if you are on a budget.



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