wedding shoeRule number one in any wedding setting: Never sacrifice comfort ability for the design.

Your shoes should match with your dress, yes, but feeling comfy in those wedding shoes surpasses the design.

What’s the point of enduring pain on your wedding day? Whether they are too big or too small for you, the way you walk and carry yourself is affected.

There is no reason for you to choose an expensive pair of shoes that are tight around your toes. Choose something simple and comfortable. Besides, your dress will probably be covering your shoes the entire ceremony.

You will be throwing away money if you buy expensive shoes that are not going to be seen.

Believe it or not, I know some people who choose flat, white and comfy tennis shoes on their big day! They save a huge chunk of your budget, and no one knows except the people who dressed you up. How convenient.

Wedding boutiques usually offer everything that you need for your wedding: from dresses, invitation cards, favors and shoes.

But everything comes at a price. Of course, you can’t avoid buying or hiring your wedding gown from these but when it comes to shoes any shoe shop is alright for you.

Shops that specialize in certain products always put their products at a higher price. If you are not sure what you want, then visit wedding expertise and they will advise you.

The service is not charged. Once you know what you want then you shop around for a suitable shoe. At least you know you will not exceed your budget.

Wearing a designer shoe on your wedding day is not important, if you are just going to be in debt after the wedding. A lot of money is spent on this day, from food, decor and so on. So minimize costs wherever you can.

When buying your shoe, try it on and walk around the shop while you wear it. This is so that you notice any discomfort in those few minutes.

If so, then it’s a definite no! You can’t wear shoes that can cause discomfort in a few minutes when you are going to be wearing them the whole day.

If the heel is big and you can’t walk in it, then that’s another no! If you can not maintain step in your shoes then that’s discomfort. Get a shorter heel that you can walk in. Usually the shorter the heel, the less the money you will have to pay for the shoe.

Don’t make the mistake of buying a cheap and easily breakable shoe. We want your wedding shoe not to cost you an arm and a leg but we also don’t want you to buy a cheap imitation of the shoe.

Imagine the embarrassment when the shoe breaks and you are on the way to alter. You will trip and fall right before your in-laws!



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