Wedding shoes are equally important as the rest of the attire as a misfit shoes can ruin the entire look. The trending concept of DIY wedding shoes have caught up with the market real fast as these shoes can be perfectly teamed up with the wedding dress in terms of colour, pattern and also embellishments.

DIY wedding shoes


Decorating your own shoes in your wedding to look the perfect blushing bride in shoes that match your gorgeous gown is less expensive than if you buy the same shoes from a shop. Moreover, making your own shoes for the most special occasion of your life is ought to be special and endearing as well!

Follow these simple DIY ideas to transform your simple and plain shoes to look Haute Couture and classy to dazzle everyone on your wedding

DIY wedding shoes2

1. Glitters

Talking of Cinderella’s shoes, who would not like to wear glass shoes? Even if not glass shoes, you can turn your plain shoes to shine like it is made of glass. All you will require is

  • Lots of glitters in silver color
  •  glue
  • Acrylic paint of your choice if you do not like the color of the shoes you are transforming
  • Any simple high heeled stilettos.
  • Paintbrushes

Color the shoes evenly with the paint. Apply two coats and let the paint dry between coats. Lastly apply a thin layer of glue on the heels of the shoes with the paintbrush and roll the shoe heel in a heap of glitters. Shake the shoes a bit to drop off excess glitters. Check for any area where glitters have not stuck on properly. Reapply glue and sprinkle glitters to finish off.

2. Ruffles

Get on a haute couture look by attaching ruffles to your plain shoes or sandals for your wedding day. You will need

  • One meter of cloth in satin or brocade or any soft material like organza or crepe or lace.
  • Needle and thread in matching color.
  • Satin ribbon in matching color
  • Glue and Velcro strip.

Cut the material you are using lengthwise in a long strip and gather it up to look like a rose. Sew the material from back to secure. Sew these roses on to the satin ribbon lengthwise and stick it on your shoes with help of the Velcro strip. The beauty of these shoes will be that later on you can remove the Velcro and the roses to revert back to your old plain shoes for daily wear.

DIY wedding shoes1

3. Sequins/ Studs

Another great idea in to embellish your shoes with small sequins or studs or even fake pieces of glass that look like diamonds. You will need-

  • Sequins or small diamond like fake glass pieces or studs in a color of your choice/Or you may even choose two or three colors
  • Quick drying glue
  • Tweezers
  • Stilettos in a color matching your bridal gown

Trace a pattern on the side of your sandal or on the heel. Start from one end of the design and work towards covering entire design. Put a drop of glue and place a stud on it with the tweezers. Press gently with a cloth. Work patiently and neatly to cover the whole design with the shining sequins.


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