The day of your wedding is going to be the most special day of your life, a day when you will finally become life partner of the one you love. You want everything to go perfectly from the dress, to the food, to the cake and even the shoes! Yes, picking the right shoes for your wedding is very important not just from the appearance point of view but also as far as comfort is concerned. The following are some useful tips for choosing the perfect wedding shoes:

perfect wedding shoesComfort

Remember the fact that you will be wearing the wedding shoes from the morning till the night and hence they must be extremely comfortable. Choose ones with extra padding for added comfort and do try them nicely before buying them.


A wedding can be a very expensive affair and you must keep the budget considerations in mind even while buying the wedding shoes. Don’t go too overboard the budget but be prepared to pay 10-15% more than you set.

Heel Height

Depending upon your height and your taste, you will need to make the decision about the height of the heels that you buy. You can either choose flat ones or get the high inchers.

Fabric Choices

Another factor that you will need to keep in mind before buying the perfect wedding shoes is the fabric. Some common and popular choices are silk and satin but you can also choose from other fabric choices.

To Dance or not

If you are going to dance at your wedding, then the shoe choice that you make can completely change and thus it is better to decide in advance whether you want dancing friendly shoes or just normal shoes.

Destination or location

In many cases when the wedding is at an offbeat location, then you may have to consider this location as well for your shoe choice. For example if your wedding is on a beach, then you will need suitable footwear.


Color is also an important factor when choosing wedding shoes. You can either go for perfectly matching footwear or can even choose something that has a neutral shade and goes with almost everything. The color of the wedding shoes must reflect your personality and must be something that you really like personally.


Make it a point to buy something which fits you perfectly not only in its length but also the width and other measurements.


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