While winter has a unique romantic flavor, one of the toughest things about a winter wedding is finding appropriate bridal shoes that will keep your feet both warm and dry, as women tend to go for delicate summer sandals and platforms.

If your wedding is on a winter day, finding an elegant shoe that also protects your feet from icy winds can be quite a difficult task.

However, it is not impossible to find appropriate footwear for both brides and bridesmaids.

You don’t have to sacrifice the style for warmth, but you should be willing to compromise to some extent. Here are few shoe options for a winter wedding:

Bridal Boots

Boots doesn’t necessarily imply cowboy boots. Many specially designed bridal boots are now available in the market. They come in a variety of heights, sizes and funky styles, so try to choose a pair that suits your taste and complements your winter wedding dress beautifully.

Classic pumps

If you are looking for soled shoes that will go with any kind of dress style, the best choice is a pair of classic pumps. Choose a comfortable heel height that is easy to walk in and matches your desired style.



  1. It is important to pay close attention to your choice in wedding shoes, because you want your wedding to be perfect in every way.


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