There are a lot of people that find it romantic to have their wedding on the beach, and for this, the brides have to look for beach wedding shoes. There is need to think in advance to make sure that she won’t find herself barefooted or in flip flops on the big day. It is very important to find shoes that are water resistant and that have really low heels.

Slip-ons as beach wedding shoes

These kinds of shoes are just perfect for the style of the wedding. Also the good thing about them is that you can decorate them on your own and there are a lot of different kinds of accessories that work well with the slip-ons.

Beach Wedding ShoesWatch for the sand

In case you decide to get these shoes for the beach wedding, you can be sure that there will be no problems if you have to be walking on dry or wet sand. Also you are able to simply wipe off the sand from them. There is no way to have sand between your toes, which would be difficult to clean out.

If you get in a more playful mood you could go in the water and the shoes would dry really fast.

Keep it simple

When it comes to the shoes for the beach wedding, you should keep it as simple as possible. This way you can make people admire your dress instead of your shoes. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have any colors in your shoes. In small amounts, you can have silver, gold or aquamarine.

Decorate it

You can make the shoes for the beach wedding sparkle if you use your creativity a bit. You can find small gemstones that can be attached to the strap in the back. The color of the gemstones should be decided according to the wedding theme. In case you have a lot of red, you could have rubies on your shoes. Also you could have some patterns made of the gemstones on the beach wedding shoes.


If you will have your wedding on the beach, you can consider the shoes made of satin. No matter what you do you should make sure that you won’t have shoes for the beach wedding made of leather. This is a quite heavy material and it is difficult to dry it in case it gets wet. Nonetheless you could be thinking about synthetic leather that is waterproof and you have many options to decorate it.

Going organic

It is possible that you will have a green wedding, and so the beach wedding shoes should also be made of something organic. One of the materials that you could be thinking about is Abaca that is gaining more and more popularity. Since it comes in beige, your shoes for the beach wedding will be looking very natural.

There are a lot of different kinds of beach wedding shoes that you could be thinking about, just forget about shoes with the heels.



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