There is more to weddings than just a perfect wedding site and a reception to remember. For the bride, there are details such as her wedding gown and her bridal shoes.

The truth is, bridal shoes is one of the most important accessories to put much thought in because it is what the bride will be wearing all throughout the day on her wedding day.

It is true that there are hundreds of different bridal shoes to choose from, and finding the right one is going to be a challenge.

It all boils down to the personal preference of the bride, incorporated with her own style and taste in relation to the wedding theme and gown.

It will also depend on how extravagant the bride wants her bridal shoes to be.

In choosing the proper bridal shoes to wear, there are some things the bride has to consider. Here are some of the basic details that have to be considered:

Wedding theme

The bridal shoes have to match the wedding theme itself. This means that if the wedding ceremony is going to be in a church and the reception in a hotel, then you might want to consider wearing high-heeled bridal shoes.

If the wedding is more of a beach and tropical setting, brides might want to refrain from wearing high-heels and opt to go for flats to avoid injury while standing on sand or soil.

Perfect match to the wedding gown

The bridal shoes have to be a match with the gown itself. This means that if the wedding gown is white, designed with laces and such embroideries, you might want to consider white, elegant-looking bridal shoes.

If the color of the wedding gown is anything other than white, then perhaps consider getting shoes with the same color as well. In relation to this, it is best to keep them simple, yet beautiful.

Consider the season when the wedding will take place

Choosing the bridal shoes has to be in par with the season itself. This means that if the season is wet, then closed toed bridal shoes might me the best choice.

On the other hand, consider open toed shoes that also expose more skin. This also adds to the comfort for the brides and promotes better ventilation as well.

Mind the comfort

The most important detail in choosing bridal shoes is that it needs to be comfortable. Consider standing for hours during wedding ceremony and reception.

The shoes have to have an ample allowance in size, not too tight, and not too lose. Make sure that it has proper cushions for the heels and toes. Also consider the arch of the bride’s feet since disregarding this may lead to uncomfortable foot aches.

Be practical

There’s no need to buy expensive bridal shoes. Remember, you don’t need to wear them regularly after the wedding. Wear something elegant yet not too expensive. After all, these shoes will go unnoticed since you’ll be wearing something long.

There are many places you can find bridal shoes. Consider local malls and stores that offer them. Certain retail brands offer all sorts of shoes that offer shoes fit for weddings. If you have the budget for it, you may consider having it custom made.



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