Wedding MusicMusic is wonderful for any event to celebrate.

The wedding music that you have chosen for the ceremony sets the mood for the rest of your day.

Regardless of the type of wedding, whether it may be formal or informal, large or small, the tone of the ceremony can be distinguished by the choice of music throughout the ceremony.

Select the wedding music that perfectly complements with your wedding style. Selecting the right music for the wedding ceremony is essential in pulling your occasion without a glitch! Not only music is essential for the ceremony, but it is also essential during the reception.

The couple has to consider all elements of that special day in order to guarantee that they comprise everything that set to go. Among those elements, the thing you have to choose upon before that special occasion is the kind of wedding music that is going to be the part of the occasion.

The first thing you need to consider while selecting the wedding music is whether you want to have prerecorded or live music. If you want to have prerecorded music then you can choose instrumental or vocal selections to play during your wedding ceremony.

If you want live music then select from choirs, individual singers or instrumental music.

After you decide whether prerecorded or live music, the next thing you need to determine is what type of musical selections you want to have during your ceremony.

Some of you prefer to have traditional ways in their wedding music plans. For those, wedding march is a great piece of music to play while some others like to have jazzier ceremony music.

The bride and groom to-be may also like to have several hymns to go with the ceremony itinerary. The people who are managing over the occasion can be able to effectively present some ideas with regard to suitable wedding music selections.

Mainly wedding music is divided into four categories. They include:

  1. Prelude songs
  2. Processional music
  3. Recessional music
  4. Unity candle music

The first category, prelude songs are played prior to the entering of the bride. After that processional music is played when the bride slowly walks up the aisle near to the groom and chief priest.

Recessional music is followed by processional music. Finally, with the unity candle music the ceremony ends and declares the couple is wedded lawfully.

The wedding music depends on the choice and tastes of those organizing it and also the music differs from ceremony-to-ceremony.

If you are not getting where to start the selection process, just think about songs, melodies or music which will remember the important events in your life.

List the songs which were played when you first dated and have some romantic memories and the music for which you have danced. Once you think about all these, you will get more and more musical tunes.

You must ensure that whether the wedding location allows you to play the type of music which you have selected. So, select the wedding music which enhances the mood of the wedding ceremony.



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