Wedding itself means enjoyment and entertainment and adding extra entertainment to the wedding makes the wedding atmosphere even more interesting and enjoyable.

Music, dance, DJs are the different wedding entertainment ways to make the wedding enjoyable. Wedding day is a very happy day for the couple.

Arranging different wedding entertainments can also make the guests enjoy your wedding day.

Just thinking about giving entertainment in your wedding is something which needs proper planning and care [Wedding planning].

Wedding entertainment needs planning: what is the wedding entertainment you want to arrange in your wedding, what kind of wedding entertainment you enjoy the most, does the wedding entertainment suits your themed wedding, and what is the source of entertainment: is it music, dance or any other source of entertainment.

Different wedding entertainments:

Music: Music is something which changes the mood of the environment and blooms the wedding mood, if you play a romantic mood song. If you are planning a themed wedding, play music that matches the theme. There are different music options to play as wedding entertainment [Selecting wedding ceremony music].

You can play music while guests are enjoying food. This music should be soothing and calm and enhance the wedding mood. Music played while eating food makes the atmosphere tranquil and fresh and the guests enjoy their meal.

Select a different type of music while inviting the guests on to the dance floor or making any special announcements. This music should renew the inner energy and make the atmosphere enjoyable and energetic.

The other type of music can be played when the guests are on the dance floor. This music can be soothing or energetic. The music you are playing for the guests to dance should match the theme.

For e.g., if you have planned a formal wedding, you need to have a soothing band or music. You cannot play music that is full of drums. So, before selecting music, make sure that matches your theme.

You can also play a recorded music or live band. The live band can be very interesting but may cost much than the recorded music. While selecting live music bands, make sure the band performing is well experienced and talented. Never experience with a new band and make your wedding entertainment awkward.

Sole musicians: Musicians can also bloom the wedding atmosphere and add an extra elegance to the wedding entertainment. These musicians bring a gorgeous and memorable touch to the wedding atmosphere.

The musicians can be any one like pianist, organist, flutist, harpist etc. Be sure that the sole musician you hired for wedding entertainment must be able to entertain the whole wedding time. If he is not capable of playing the complete time, hire another person to accompany this sole musician.

Dance: This is the most romantic wedding entertainment in the wedding. But make sure the dance form you select matches with the wedding theme. You can ask your guests to dance for the live music band or the recorded music and make sure they are enjoying the dance. Make sure you supply proper props, which accustom the dance theme and the wedding theme.



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