The day of wedding is undoubtedly the most important day in the life of every person. To ensure that everything on this day turns out beautifully and as planned, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind.

For example, you must have all the important and essential accessories on the big day so as to complete your look and look dazzling. The following is the list of the 8 must have wedding accessories to complete your day:

wedding accessories For your special dayA Hair Comb

A hair comb is the most important accessory to complete the look on your big day. Whether you tie your hair or let them flow, a hair comb matching your hair can make you look fabulous.  Some examples of attractive looking combs are pearl comb, crystal comb and whimsical feathers.

A Statement Necklace

Another accessory which you must not forget on your wedding day is a statement necklace. Make sure that the necklace matches your gown and looks classy and unique. Necklaces especially work wonders with strapless dresses.


How can you complete your wedding look without a delicate net veil?  It’s better to get a veil designed according to your wedding dress and keep it simple yet elegant.

A Lacey Garter

Another important accessory for completing the wedding look is a lacey garter. You can choose between satin or lace garters but lace definitely steals the show for most.  You can even get a customized garter designed.

Sparkly Earrings

Naked ear lobes are the last thing you want on your wedding day so make sure you wear sparkly earrings that go with the look of your dress and match with your necklace.  It’s better to get studs rather than long earrings for the big day.

Pretty Shoes

No matter how flowy your gown is, pretty shoes must always accompany your wedding dress. Make sure you opt for heels that you feel comfortable in and try them out a couple of times before wearing them on the wedding day.

A Crystal Belt

A classic crystal belt is another accessory to add a touch of luxury to your D day.  This works with almost all types of belt and is a must have.

A Compact Sized Clutch

A compact clutch will complete your look on your D day and will also prove handy to keep knick knacks like lip colour with you on the wedding.

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