There is something that will certainly surprise your bridesmaid with its uniqueness and romantic style. In case you haven’t got anything for your best friends yet, just take a look at velvet headbands that turn to be the hit of the wedding season.

The headbands come in all kind of varieties, but those who are suitable for the big day are the headbands with floral motifs on them. There are many bridal accessory designers, which are offering headbands in romantic and tender style. This season almost in all the wedding collections silk flowers on headbands or just as an accessory for the hair is more than welcomed.

velvet headband

In case you want to leave your personal mark on the headbands, just make them by yourself. It is simple. All you need is a thin plastic headband, wide velvet ribbon, needle and glue. Even if you don’t like velvet, you can replace it with satin or cashmere in smooth color palette. Find the decoration you want and apply it on the headband.

Another good idea is a velvet headband with birds and decorative buttons. It looks super modern and yet, it is a romantic vintage symbol of the day.



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