wedding VeilVeils are very traditional, very classic and very Audrey Hepburn. Many women don’t see themselves being the veil type.

Veils do seem a bit traditional and archaic and more and more frequently are being rejected by feminists and liberal women.

However think of it as just being a classic and beautiful accessory.

You don’t have to wear the veil[wedding veil] the entire evening either. Many women love the look of a headband or tiara and don’t want to mess with the veil the entire night.

Therefore your best option is to wear the veil down the aisle and during the wedding ceremony then take off the veil. Now you can show off your headband or simple tiara for the rest of the evening and throughout the reception.

Many times when you purchase your wedding dress the consultant will show you a veil that is absolutely breath taking with the dress.

Or maybe two veils! It is difficult to say no to the veil in these situations. Keep in mind the veil can be taken off and does not have to be a symbol of subordination rather can be a symbol of beauty and grace.



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