When it comes to the bride’s look it is all about the details and the finishing touches that bridal accessories bring. These touches are one of the best things that can help complement the style and the beauty of your wedding gown.

Getting the right elements puts the whole bridal ensemble together which makes all your guests hush and admire your beauty as you walk down the aisle making your groom feel like the luckiest man in the world.

Here is a list of the most essential bridal accessories that you would need:

1. Headpiece and Veil

    This is one of the most important bridal accessories that you should not miss. Take note that the veil must compliment you and not hide your beauty.

    If you are petite, a huge veil[wedding veil] will only make you look smaller. If the back of your wedding dress is detailed then you should not go for a long veil so that you will not cover it up.

    Take note that these bridal accessories should also go well with your dress. Think opposites – a heavy decorated dress needs a simple headpiece like a pearl headband while a simple dress would need an elegant headpiece such as a jeweled tiara.

    2. Bridal shoes

      Take note that it is not advisable to wear stilettos on your wedding day. If your feet are in pain it would be hard for you to be smiling and look happy in one of the biggest days in your life.

      Bridal accessories such as the shoes[wedding shoes] should be chosen with great care. Get low sturdy heels that are manageable when you are walking and dancing – 2 ½” can do. You can mirror the details of your wedding gown with shoes that are embellished with lace, crystals or pearls.

      3. Jewelry

        Take note that the main attraction in bridal accessories is you and not the jewelry so keep the jewelry simple. Your earrings should not compete with your headpiece and veil so it should not be dangling.

        Necklaces should be simple as well such as a pearl choker or a simple strand with a pearl or diamond pendant. Choosing this type of bridal accessories would also depend on the kind of neckline that your gown has.

        4. Lingerie

          Your bridal accessories will not be complete without the right lingerie. You surely would not want to wear cotton panties on this day. Get something that is sexy and special and it should be something that creates a clean and smooth line under your dress.

          5. Gloves

            Among the many bridal accessories this is not necessarily a requirement but it can be a great accent to thin strapped, strapless and sleeveless wedding gowns and can make you look elegant.

            Wrist length gloves can work with any type of sleeve while opera length gloves goes well with sleeveless and strapless gowns. Make sure that you can remove them smoothly during the ceremony.

            Remember that as a bride, you should not just look for the perfect dress. Looking for the best bridal accessories to show off the perfection of your dress is also something that you need to look for as well.


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