A Mantilla Veil is a kind of a veil which adds grace and elegance to the dress or costume of any bride. Traditionally, such veils were made using Blonda lace or Chantilly and had a delicate and graceful appearance. They were made using intricate design and still tend to add a touch of class, sophistication and sleekness to a bride’s appearance.

There are limitless options of Mantilla veils if you step out and decide to purchase one. But selecting from these options can be very difficult. This is why, we have come up with a few tips which will help you select and pick a Mantilla Veil:

tips to select and pick a Mantilla Veil

Select the Shape

Mantilla veils are available in three main shapes: square, circular and tiered. You will need to select the shape based on your choice or preference. Both square and circular shapes are very versatile and can be draped in a number of ways.

Consider the Fabric

The next tip to select a mantilla veil is to consider and choose the fabric. Traditionally, these veils were made out of veil, but today, they are available in many other fabrics and materials including silk, satin, net etc. these fabrics are available in several colors as well.

Choose the Edge Finish

Another tip to keep in mind to select and pick a Mantilla veil is to choose the edge finish.  You can either go for a plain edge finish or a slightly different one. Making this choice should be dependent upon the kind of work there is on your wedding gown or dress.  You can choose different types of accents like Rhinestones, pearls, crystals or beads etc. as well.

Do your Research

It is important to do your research and compare different options beforehand to avoid facing a major confusion later on, at the time of buying. The research will help you know the varieties, materials, colors, designs etc. so that the choice can be made easily.

Don’t Overspend your Budget

It is important not to overspend on your Mantilla veil since it is common for women to get attracted to expensive ones and spend on them without considering their budget. Since this veil will only be used once by you, it makes no sense to spend unnecessarily on it, no matter how attracted you are to some of the designs or styles.

Whatever you buy, wear it with a smile and make heads turn around!

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