While choosing your bridal lingerie, you need to focus on two things and that is what to wear on your wedding day and what to wear on your wedding night. While choosing undergarments for the ceremony, you should focus on support and comfort and while choosing lingerie for your wedding night, go for something that is sexy and highlight your curves. Budget is another factor that you should keep in mind.

choose the perfect bridal lingerieChoosing the Right Bra

  • Support is the first thing that you should be concerned about as you possibly do not want to worry about it falling or sagging out of your wedding gown.
  • It should also create a smooth silhouette and go for a seamless bra and make sure that no lines and straps are for show, if your gown is made from a light fabric.
  • Neckline is another factor that you need to consider as your regular t-shirt bra might not go with the deep neckline of your gown. Go for strapless bra if your gown is strapless. You can go for a bandeau as well, for maximum support. Opt for a backless bra, if you are wearing a backless gown.
  • If you are planning to buy your lingerie before your gown, then go for the convertible bras as they can turned into different styled bras.
  • And if you want to add volume, then go for pushup bras as these look natural. Bras with water/cotton/gel filled pads can also be worn for extra cleavage.
  • And when choosing the bra for the ‘alone time’ with your husband, go for bras that come with laces and ribbons as they make it look seductive. You can also opt for the full lace ones that allow a lot of skin show.
  • Nude shades and whites are what you should opt for in the ceremony and you have the entire night to play with the color of your choice.

Choosing the Right Panty

  • Make sure that it is soft and comfortable for the ceremony.
  • Your panty should create a smooth silhouette from the outside as well.
  • Go for nude or white color to wear during the day.
  • For the night, you can go for the ones that come with laces and make sure that you choose a color that matches with your bra.
  • Buy shorts to look good and you can also consider wearing a thong to seduce your husband.


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