djResearch your prospective DJs and find out everything there is to know about them.

It is better to see them in action live when they don’t know that they are playing to impress.

This will give you a general overview of how talented they are and how they appeal to the guests. Beware of edited video footage that will be doctored to make the DJ look good.

  • Asking people you know and trust will also be a great way of finding a good DJ. Local radio station DJs may also be available to entertain at your wedding and having a ‘celebrity’ will excite your guests. Local DJs will guarantee you great service as this is their profession.
  • Contracts are also very useful because they stipulate that you have agreed for how long he will play, his dress code, whether he will be fed or not, and compensation for overtime if there is any. Should the DJ refuse to sign the paperwork, then it is best to shun his services. He, who has nothing to hide, hides nothing. Verbal agreements are messy and will cost you more than they should.
  • Discuss the general playlist with the DJ prior to the wedding and test how wide his music library is. A DJ is only as good as his equipment, if he has state of the art equipment that probably means he is efficient and has back up plans to adapt to any situation.
  • Make sure your DJ can play at any sized venue. Some DJs have equipment to suit certain conditions be it a small wedding, an outdoor wedding or even a massive indoor wedding. Specify the approximate size of your wedding hall and the exact venue. Let the DJ have a trial run if he is not familiar with it.
  • The less questions you have to ask your DJ, the more he is efficient. A good DJ always has a game plan and will tell you what you need to know. He will give you information that you weren’t even aware you should know. This DJ knows what he wants and will accommodate your preferences and will ultimately lead to less heartbreak.
  • Your DJ must be able to judge the mood and play something to either maintain it or to liven it. He should be vigilant and flexible. Many different age groups will be present and he should entertain them all. But there should be a distinction; it is a wedding and not a nightclub gig.


  1. Wedding is the most memorable experience in our life!Good article with very informative tips.Your tips can help a lot in choosing a wedding dj.Thank you for all the great tips!


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