Any wedding is incomplete without music and some good wedding songs. Music boosts the atmosphere of any wedding and adds a certain zing and flavour to it. Almost every wedding has certain fixed wedding music songs which really get the party started and uplifts the moods of everyone. If you are interested in playing some good music on your wedding, then the following given list of the most popular wedding music songs in the world will prove useful.

most popular wedding music songs in the world

The Power of Love

This is one of the most popular wedding songs in the world and is one which you will find playing in almost all weddings. Whether it is on the wedding dj floor or during the ring ceremony, this song is a hit and sets the mood going. This is a Celion Dion song who is known for her romantic and heart stirring tracks.

The way you look tonight

The way you look tonight is yet another popular and hit wedding song which is apt for playing at your wedding. It is a romantic number by Tony Bennett which has been playing on wedding playlists for many years now and truly throws focus on the bride as a dedication from the groom.

Can you Feel the Love Tonight?

This song by Elton John is a classic and is a truly romantic number which can make hearts race.  It brings people in love together and is an ideal track for weddings and ceremonies. It is ideal to be played as a first dance number and can be played till the late hours in the night.

I do

As the name of the song very well suggests, this song is yet another wedding song which is ideal for wedding ceremonies. This is a song by Westlife which makes everyone feel romantic and especially the bride and groom on their wedding day/night. It is a must have on everyone’s wedding songs list.

I can’t Help Falling in Love with you

This song by Elvis Presley is a brilliant wedding song which too is super romantic and apt for wedding playlists. It is on the top lists of all wedding music bands and couples are often seen dancing to it on their wedding night. It totally builds up the mood on a wedding day and adds wonders to the wedding music score on anyone’s wedding.


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