The first dance of your wedding with your spouse tells a lot about you as a couple. It must reflect your chemistry with each other. If you do not have a signature song as a couple, you need to listen to a few songs and pick up the most suitable one from them. If you are not much a dancer, think of joining a dance class as a couple. This will also help to enhance your personal chemistry and you will be able to select a song and dance form more easily.

first dance special with these top wedding songsTop Wedding Songs for your First Dance

There is variety of songs for your first dance –slow, romantic, high paced or a light hearted dance. These songs are a mix bag of all moods – choose the suitable one for your wedding occasion –

The way you Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra

One of the most loved songs for the first dance. This is a beautifully soft and romantic number and the groom can dedicate it to the bride. The style to go with will be jazz.

I Love you for Sentimental Reasons by Nat King Cole

Now who does not like Nat king Cole? Choose this song if you have retro on your mind. This call for a slow dance, so foxtrot will go well with it. However, if you are not a very good dancer try taking some primary lessons on the dance genre.

A Moment like this by Kelly Clarkson

If retro is not your cup of tea but you still want to do a slow dance number, this song will be quite appropriate for you. You can dance foxtrot on this one too.

Come Away with me by Norah Jones

This song is an out of the box idea for a first dance. If you are a lover of ball room dance, this song will be perfect for you. A slow waltz with your partner, just after the wedding while Norah thrills everyone with her beautiful voice – this might be the best moment of the wedding, especially for the classy, romantics at heart.

A Groovy kind of Love by Dan Finnety

Now this one suits those who does not want their first dance song to be too slow (and therefore boring, to them). You need to dance rumba with this song and it is better that you take a few lessons before the d- day.

Feel so Close to you Right now by Calvin Harris

For those who want to let their hair this will be a perfect choice.


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