The wedding music must be perfect to set the mood and give a good tune to the whole wedding day. There are many classic songs that are listed as perfect wedding songs. There are also multiple themes or genres of music which couples selects as per their own tastes.

While some like romantic songs the others like country music. For all those who like instrumental music and want to find the best of such songs for their wedding, below given is a list of top instrumental wedding songs. So have your pick.

instrumental wedding songs1. A Thousand Years- Cover by The Piano Guys

Originally sung by Christina Perry, the Piano Guys have converted this song into a brilliant instrument only song. They have presented the perfect combination of piano and cello sounds to give the classic touch to an already amazing love song.

2. Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve

The song that brings out the bitter sweetness of life is the perfect option to be a part of the wedding song repertoire. The instrumental version of the song by the band (which is the original creators of the song) is light, fun and zingy.

3. Secrets- Instrumental Cover by the Piano Guys

Another heartwarming love song turned into the perfect instrumental version by the Piano Guys is must to have included in the list of top instrumental wedding songs. The original of the song was created by One Republic.

4. XO by Beyonce (Instrumental Version)

Te song has been created and performed by Beyonce, one of the most talented and bold singer who captures emotions perfectly in her music. Needless to say the song will make good at the wedding ceremony/ party.

5. Sirius (Instrumental Version) by the Alan Parsons Project

The song has segments representing the softness and strength of new beginnings. The song will feature fairly well in the series of wedding instrumental songs.

6. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Instrumental Version

This song is the right mix of dreamy and flow. Something that will have spirits soaring at any and every wedding ceremony it is a part of. There are two most prominent versions of the song; one by Judy Garland and the other- the Uke versions. Both are amazing in their own right and either will fit perfectly at a wedding.

7. Autumn- Antonio Vivaldi

The piano version of the song titled ‘autumn’ by Antonio Vivaldi is another classic wedding instrumental song. The high spirits and smoothness make it a happy and memorable song.


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