A wedding ceremony is probably the most looked forward occasion in your life, and you want everything to be perfect,including the fabulous wedding party associated with it. In order to fulfill the long cherished dream of dancing away to glory with your family and friends in your wedding party, it is essential to hire the best DJ who can rock the party with his or her music.

Listed below are some do’s and donts while hiring the DJ for your wedding party:

Talk to the DJ about your Music Tastes

It is advisable to discuss with the prospective DJ about your music tastes and the songs you like to hear and dance to, with your friends and family. Moreover, you need to convey those songs to the DJ, with which you have an emotional connection and you would love to dance to, with your near ones.

Provide Information about the Party Crowd

It really helps, if the DJ knows exactly the type of crowd he is catering in your party; whether it is a young or old crowd, or are they enthusiastic to dance or need to be pushed to do so and so on.

Ask for Suggestions on Music

While informing the DJ about your family and friends who are attending the party, you can ask his advice on what type of music he will be playing for them as well. This way you will have an idea about whether he is in sync with your ideas or not.

Get the Information of DJ’s Music Tastes

It is significant to know the music tastes of your DJ, because if his tastes are poles apart from yours, it might not be an appropriate fit for your party.

Ask if the DJ is Ready to Experiment

In case if you want to incorporate a mix of some music from another culture to your popular conventional music, in order to cater to the diverse tastes, it is best to ask the DJ in advance about his expertise and willingness to do so.

Don’t Control the DJ too much

If you dictate all your terms regarding the play list, the DJ won’t be able to adjust the music as per the crowd in the party and this might dampen the whole thing. While conveying your interests and ideas, try and don’t dictate the DJ in terms of his creativity, which ultimately affects the success of your party.

With these pointers in mind, you can hire a DJ who can organize the best play list for your party, combined with your own music aesthetics.



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