Dollar dance, commonly known as Money dance or the apron dance is basically a type of an event done at the wedding receptions. The terms dollar dance is highly controversial because it is nothing but a way to ask for the cash gift from the public at your wedding. This custom was initiated in Poland in the 1990’s and gained importance in late 2000. Below given are more details about Dollar Dance:

know about dollar dance


What Exactly is Dollar Dance?

Dollar dance or money dance is a custom in which the male guests that are invited on the wedding reception pay to dance with the bride. Or, the female guests at the event sometimes pay to dance with the groom. This custom is highly controversial due to the fact that the guests are told that the money that they will pay would be used for the honeymoon purposes of the bride and the
groom, which in turn is baseless!

In some communities, people are totally unaware about this tradition and in some; this tradition is considered as an important part of their wedding reception. According to most of the people, dollar dance is nothing but a creative approach to encourage your guests to give cash gifts instead of other presents.

More about Dollar Dance

In a more generalized form, dollar dance is a manner in which all the guests who are present at the wedding reception line up to give a dollar to the bride and groom in exchange of a dance with them. Undoubtedly the dance would last only for few minutes, but the bride and the groom have to dance till the time all the guests had their turns.

Though the custom of dollar dance allows the bride and the groom to meet each guest individually and thank them for their valuable presence but it is more of a way to pull out some extra cash. This tradition is quite happily accepted in some cultures and traditions while strictly abhorred in others.

In some places like Philippines, the money is pinned up on the bride’s dress or the gown which she is wearing and this represents that good luck and wealth should “rain” upon the new couple for the future times ahead. In United Stated, guests put the money in the bride’s maid apron. While in Nigeria, people would come on the dance floor with the bride and the groom and will spray bills and notes as they dance.



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