You can have a live band, a quartet, DJ, or just yourself and a computer, no matter what, you can be sure that the music for weddings set the pace and the atmosphere of the event. Keep in mind that the songs that people hear are one of the most memorable elements of the wedding for them. When looking for the songs, you should consider your personality, the things that you want to express and also the theme of the wedding.

How much wedding music?

There is need for music during the ceremony itself, the pre-reception and the reception. Make sure that you have chosen enough songs so that you won’t need to improvise when there will be silence since there are no more songs on the playlist.

Music For WeddingsTheme

As it has been mentioned before regarding wedding music, in case the wedding has a specific theme, like beach or Asian, you should choose the kinds of songs that match the theme.

The first dance

The music for weddings is usually characterized by the song of the first dance. You should take a close look at the lyrics of the song, and make sure that they are right for the occasion.

Also practice dancing to the beat with your partner to ensure that it isn’t too fast or too slow for any of you. Don’t go for the trendy songs of the moment. This should be a special song with a specific meaning for you.

The ceremony

The wedding music that will be played during the ceremony has to be shown to the officiant before the wedding, because there might be some strict rules regarding the songs that can be played. You should discuss the music with him as soon as possible, and he or she could also have some recommendations regarding the music for weddings.

Think about the guests

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is to make the guests feel included in the event. This is why it may be a good idea to choose wedding music according to the kind of guests that you have and their taste in music.


Professional wedding planers advise the couple to consider the wedding a movie, and choose the music for weddings according to the plot of the wedding. By this you should understand that certain key moments require more special songs, like walking down the aisle, the first dance, cutting the cake and so on.


Make sure that the instructions you have given regarding the wedding music are clear for everybody so that you know what kind of music will be played at every moment of the event.

There are some popular songs that are played at almost every wedding that you have attended. The song lists you will find on the internet, but in case you would like to have something different that is specific for you, you will have some research to do until you find the music for weddings that you will find perfect.



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