outdoor weddingHave you planned your wedding outdoors? Outdoor weddings are romantic, interesting, beautiful and make your wedding experience memorable.

If you have prepared to wed outdoors, then make sure that you are completely prepared for all the situations you come across. Changing your vows in outdoors is often challenging, but not impossible.

If you want your dream wedding to be outdoors, then you must be ready to face the different elements the nature gives you like harsh winds, rain, sun etc.

What ever may be the theme of your wedding, it has its own respective pros and cons. In the same way, outdoor wedding also has its own pros and cons [Wedding theme].

By following certain measures, you can make your dream wedding successful.

Things to consider in making the outdoor wedding successful:

Decoration: Outdoor wedding has an added benefit; you do not need separate decorations in the outdoor wedding as you can choose an outdoor location that is beautiful and elegant. The selection of a beautiful outdoor location can minimize the decoration cost and at the same time decoration of your wedding will be natural [Choosing the right wedding location].

But if you want to add some more decoration to the location, then visit the wedding location a week before and see for different variations in decorating the location. The most common decoration used in outdoor wedding is the flower decoration [Wedding decoration ideas].

Wind: Plan properly for the wind, as many outdoor wedding couples suffer with the wildness of wind at the wedding time. If you have planned candle ceremony, see that you take proper care in lighting up the candle and see that you do not suffer a lot to make the candle lit.

Inform your hair stylist and dress designer that you have planned an outdoor wedding. Prior information will make the arrangements easier. Hairstylist will give you a hair design that does not disturb easily in the harsh winds.

Normally the wedding dresses are made with silk and chiffon; these are very light weight and fly for a small breeze of air. So, take proper measure that the dress does not fly around and make you go crazy.

Back-up plan: Every wedding has its own pros and cons; outdoor wedding also has its own. what will you do if it rains? So, always be prepared with a back-up plan if something goes wrong while you are getting wed. Many couples continue their wedding reception after their outdoor wedding. If you are having such arrangements, see that the wedding reception location is near to the wedding location. By making such arrangements, you can shift your wedding ceremony to the wedding reception location in case of any nature blows.

Think about your guests: The most important thing to remember in any wedding is to make the guests feel comfortable. See that your outdoor wedding makes them comfortable and see that they enjoy the wedding. Sound will be distracted very easily in the open places, so see that you arrange separate sounding devices and make sure that your guests hear your wedding vows. As you are getting wed outdoors, see for pesky flying insects which bother you and your guests. So make sure you arrange some fans and see that they are comfortable. If the sun is too hot, provide some sunshade for the guests and try to arrange some tents.



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