Wedding Ceremony MusicFinally the moment has arrived for which you have been waiting. You have made all the arrangements perfectly, right from wedding dress to planning perfect wedding ceremony music.

When comes to music, most of you are in dilemma about what to choose for wedding ceremony music.

Music has the power to set your mood, refresh your mind, remind some emotions, and offer moment cohesiveness.

The first thing you need to decide about is whether you want live or prerecorded music. The choice for wedding ceremony music is restricted only by your thoughts.

The only thing you must be alert of is that you like to entertain your guests, not make them away. It will be wonderful if the music complements the style and theme of the wedding.

You can choose any type of music; just keep in mind that this type of entertainment is like a little gift that you are going to give your guests. The best thing to select the wedding ceremony music is, go with all inclusive songs, which covers large spectrum of musical tastes – some dance tunes, some soul, some slow and some rock songs.

Wedding ceremony music is played during the ceremony that consists of: prelude, processional, ceremony, postlude and recessional.

Prelude music – It is played before the ceremony starts and when the guests are seated.

Processional music – It is played when the wedding party enters into the ceremony site.

Ceremony music – It is played during the ceremony.

Postlude music – It is played when the guests leave the wedding venue.

Recessional music – It is played when the wedding party leaves the wedding location.

You need to check the site regarding the policies related to music and the available instruments. Select the music which you want to play during the ceremony and talk about it with the musician and officiant. Ensure that your musician is well experienced in playing the music that you select.

While choosing the wedding ceremony music, think about:

  • The formality of wedding
  • Length of wedding going to be held
  • Religious affiliation
  • The time and day of the wedding

You will find millions of love songs from which you can choose. Play the songs that you both love. Don’t concern about whether anybody else will think it as an unsuitable or odd choice [Wedding songs].

To save the money, hire a student musician from local university. Hire same musician for both the ceremony and reception.



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