Although the majority of brides choose to buy their accessories, many brides still opt to make their own bridal fascinators.

Hair fascinators for brides

For this you will need a hair comb, feathers, artificial flowers, decorations and ribbons, glue, scissors and yarn. First you have to take the comb and glue the end of the yarn to it. Then wrap the yarn around the comb through the tines. You should choose a color that matches the decorations so that the yarn will not be that obvious.

Bridal FascinatorsWhen you reach the end of the fascinator for brides tie the yarn and then glue the end to the comb. Now start adding the items that are going to be in the back of the bridal fascinators.

As an example, you could start with a large feather. This needs to be glued to the comb. When adding the decorations keep in mind the position they are going to be in when they are in use.

Add the other layers of decorations as well. Try to glue them to the yarn for strength. The last thing that you add should be the focal point of the fascinator for brides, such as a fake flower. It is a good idea to place it front and center.


Although the majority of people think about hair when they hear about bridal fascinators, they can also be used in case of shoes. For this you need a pair of simple design shoes, so that the feathers could become the highlight. Also you will need some feathers, like marabou feathers that are pretty and soft. There is also need for a bit of bling. Consider getting some hairpins that have easy to remove rhinestones. You will also need glue and felt.

Regarding the feathers for the fascinator for brides you should pick out long, medium and short feathers. Then cut a triangle of the felt. The size should be suitable for the shoe in question. Glue the longer feathers of this one of the bridal fascinators to the outer side of the felt, and gradually add shorter and shorter feathers as you reach the other end of the fabric.

In order to hide the spot where all the feathers meet, this is the place that you should glue the ‘bling’ to. Although this fascinator for brides has been designed to be used on shoes, you could also use it as a hair accessory if you attach a hair pin to it.


Fabric can also be used to make fascinators, and in this case you need fabric, a candle, scissors, needle and thread, lighter or matches, felt, beads, hair clip and also glue. First you have to cut circles of the fabric of different sizes. Then hold the fabric over the lighter to pucker the edges. Take the felt and cut a circle. Sew the layers together with the felt and attach the hairclip to the back and glue the beads to the middle of this type of bridal fascinators.



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