As you plan for all the externals of a marriage, don’t forget to plan for what lies beneath so to speak. Some well chosen bits and pieces will ensure that you look your best on your big day. This can help ensure that you look the best in your wedding dress and also your honeymoon.

bridal lingerieWhen you pick under things to go with your wedding dress, remember that if the reception is to follow straight after the wedding, you will be spending quite some time in the dress.

You should therefore be aiming at comfortable, good support and of course something that looks good as well.

Whether it’s pantyhose or stockings – g string or control panties, whether it’s a loose chemise or a most structured bustier, you should know what looks good under the dress and what you are comfortable with as well.

Also when you are picking out what to wear under your wedding gown, decide whether you will be letting the bride groom “unwrap the present” himself or whether you are going to make him wait till you slip into something “a little more comfortable”.

The traditional ‘something blue’ that should be worn by the bride can also be included, a little blue bow here or a frill there or some detailing rather than an entire under garment that is blue can be used. This could show up under the dress, particularly if it is white.

When it comes to lingerie that you pack for the honeymoon, you can just let your imagination run wild. You can experiment and even indulge in a little role playing if that is what catches the fancy.

You can pack several sets of interesting nightwear and other bits of sexy lingerie, each to reveal a different naughty facet of you each night of the honey moon to make each day of your holiday special and unique.

Lingerie is a popular present for a bride at her bridal shower or other occasions, so if you do suspect that you are going to be given some items of lingerie or night wear, then drop a hint at to your preferences. You could gently mention that you hope you don’t receive such color or design, since you have plenty of them already or something similar.

When it comes to wedding lingerie, keep the foregoing in mind and plan wisely for a memorable wedding and an equally memorable honeymoon to follow.



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