Did you choose your wedding dress? Now, it is the time to select wedding veil, the beautiful piece of fluff that will make you to look like an angel as you glide down the aisle. Like other aspects of your wedding, you have many different options when it comes to wedding veil.

Depending on your taste, wedding dress, wedding hairstyle and many other things, you can go for short, finger tip length, cathedral veils and many other types of wedding veils.

Short Veil!

Short veils give a simple and elegant look to you. This particular short veil is 1 tier with scattered pearls and rhinestones on the veil. These beautiful pearls and rhinestones add more stunning look to your wedding veil.

You can also have the choice of the color between ivory and white. So, if you want to look stunning with simple short veil then you can go for this.

short veil

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Fingertip Length Veil!

This is also 1 tier veil with pencil edge. The scattered pearls on the veil bring an amazing look to the veil. You can also use rhinestone or any other embroidery items to this fingertips length veil.

But, always remember, you should keep your wedding veil as simple as possible to get an elegant look. So, don’t try to over do it. It is available in both ivory and white color. You can go for the one that suits to your wedding dress well.

fingertip length veil

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