bridesmaidWith a lot of beautiful wedding dresses to choose from these days, there is no need to dress your bridesmaids in a frumpy way because you are afraid they would look better than you and steal your show.

You can make your bridesmaids look beautiful without taking the spotlight from you by making them complement your look.

The most important thing on a bridesmaid outfit is accessories. This adds that finishing touch to the rest of the outfit. Imagine a padded satin headband with organza and pearl flowers.

It can be perfect in white or ivory. Just keep in mind your wedding color theme when you decide on this item.

Padded lace wedding dolly bag matching the lace of your bridesmaids dresses and bolero is also a beautiful accessory idea. Instead of them just carrying flowers alone they can add the dolly bag as a nice touch. The maid of honor can also use the wedding dolly bag for carrying rings.

Flowers in the hair can be another great way of accessorizing. This is perfect for that beach wedding that you have always dreamed of.

You can use flowers with very bold colors especially if it is a beach wedding ceremony. It will complement the natural colors. Another terrific way of using flowers is putting them on the bridesmaids’ wrists.

Who can talk about accessory without talking jewelry? This is perhaps the oldest and most disaster fool-proof way of accessorizing.

Depending on the design of dresses your bridesmaid will be wearing there is a number of jewelry you can choose from. A string of pearls goes with almost anything and a way of making any gown look sophisticated.

If your bridesmaids are not going to be wearing any gloves, you can have them wear simple and classy bracelets. You can never go wrong with bracelets and you buy some nice looking ones without spending a lot of money.

Accessories can brighten any dull look and complement any good look. Your hairstyle, the design of the dress and the overall theme of the wedding are the greatest determinants for the right accessories.

Ask the shop assistant for help in this field when you are purchasing the bridesmaid dresses. They may have accessories perfect for each particular outfit.

Or you can also get ideas from your bridesmaids. Discuss on the alternatives and go shopping together. You will be amazed on how much team work can come out with something exquisite and breathtaking.



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