No wedding reception can happen perfectly without getting the right wedding accessories. Most wedding accessories would depend on the culture that the couple belongs to or their religious practices or lifestyle.

Initially, the groom and the bride would have to agree on what kind of accessories to use for the reception.

wedding  accessories not to missHowever, here is a list of the most popular wedding accessories that are being used these days:

1. Wedding guestbook

If you want wedding accessories that can help you remember everyone who shared the big day with you then this is what you will need.

Attendees sign in their names in this book and often write down their messages and well wishes to the couple. It can be a great memento. This can be a big help later when you send your thank you cards.

2. Garter

One of the fun wedding accessories that you should not miss for the reception is the garter which is worn on the bride’s thigh.

The garter will then be taken off by the groom and this will be tossed to unmarried male guests as part of the tradition in a reception ceremony. The single man who catches it will be paired with the single woman who catches the bridal bouquet.

3. Disposable cameras

Now this can be one of the best wedding accessories that you can make use of and something that your guests would enjoy. These days they also come in cheap and affordable prices.

Have a disposable camera at every reception table so that the guests can capture snapshots of you and themselves. There might be some moments that you have missed such as the cute flower girl dancing around or your ring bearer having icing all over his face.

The pictures taken can add to your wedding album or scrapbook. Wedding accessories like this can truly make your wedding a night to remember not only for yourself but for your guests as well.

4. Toasting flutes

In every reception, toasts are made most of the time making toasting flutes important wedding accessories on the big day.

Beautiful crystal flutes look great and romantic when the best man or the father raises his glass and gives the toast. You can have wedding accessories like this engraved for a more personal touch.

5. Wedding favors

One of the most looked forward wedding accessories that the guests are longing for are the wedding favors. These are little gifts and tokens that will show your guests appreciation for sharing this day with you.

Make sure that you coordinate these gifts with the theme or the colors of the wedding. To save money on wedding accessories you can also use them to double up as place card holders.

When it comes to wedding accessories for your reception, you can check this list and see if there are some things that you would need in your own wedding as well. Take note that wedding accessories are there to make your wedding more memorable. Choose the items with great care.



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