For some brides, a wedding veil can be sacred sheen, while for others it is just a fashion accessory.

But, bridal veils are most important accessories for wedding. You can easily select a wedding veil with certain ideas in your mind.

However, the most important part lies in caring your wedding veil before or after your wedding.

Not every bride knows how to care it properly. If you have the same problem, here are few tips for you.

  1. If you’ve received your bridal veil through mail, immediately take it out from the parcel box and hang it up in your wardrobe.
  2. Initially when you receive your veil, it may first appear unattractive, wrinkled and hard to handle. Hang it from its center, so that it will hang straight down. This is because most of the wrinkles will come down when you hang it for long time.
  3. Even after hanging over time, if you notice that wedding veil is still wrinkled, you can try steaming the veil carefully with a steaming iron. Be very careful while applying steam as steaming iron can damage your veil.
  4. Hot shower method is one more way to eliminate wrinkles on your wedding veil. Hang your veil in your bathroom by keeping hot shower on for few minutes. This is one more effective way to keep your wedding veil neat and clean.


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