A wedding look can be ruined completely with a bad hairstyle; just like your wedding gown you hair style should not only be appropriate as per you attire but also your personality. If your make up smudges; it can be redone, but frizzy, flyaway or flat hair is difficult to handle; and even more difficult to make into a perfect hairstyle.

Thus, make sure you groom your hair just like you take care of your skin and other body parts prior to the wedding day. This article will help you to go through some common do’s and don’ts of wedding hairstyles –

Do’s for your Hair on Wedding Day

Make Sure to go for a Hair Trial

This is a must step before your wedding date. Once you go for a trial in some professional parlour, you get a chance to check out various hairstyles and choose the best one that will suit you on the D day. You can also get some useful tips from the experts.

Discuss about your Hairdo

Go to your stylist and take a sketch of your wedding dress along with you. Ask him / her to suggest few hairstyles that suit with the attire; try them out and select the best one. Wedding day does not allow any trial and error practises; thus be sure about your hairdo as well. Be open to suggestions and discuss about the style with people who have enough knowledge about hair and dressing.

Advance Photo Sessions

Once you get a snap shot of your hairstyle from every angle you will understand if it is actually suiting your look. Capture from every side, front, back and side profile and check which side is looking the best. In this way you can also give the best photographic shot on your wedding day as well.

Keep Enough Time

If you are planning to do the hair style before and then rest of the dressing then it might be a bad idea as too long wait might spoil the hair do and not keep the fresh look. Try to select a front open dress or button up attire so that wearing or opening it does not interfere with your hair. Also keep enough time for hairstyle.

Don’ts for Wedding Day Hair

Don’t Depend on your Regular Stylist

Make sure you choose the best stylist for wedding hairstyles; the hair stylist who trims your hair every alternate month might not be very good with wedding styles. Take referrals from friends who have married recently.

Don’t Assume a Hairstyle by its Definition

You stylist might explain you very well with words of how he / she plans to adorn your hair on the special day; but you might understand it completely the other way. Thus, always go for practical rehearsals. Especially, words like “big bun,” “sophisticated,” “soft waves,” and “chic” are quite misleading as they mean differently to different people.

Don’t Overdo with Tendrils on your Face

Most of the wedding hairstyles involve long, curly tendrils – they do look romantic but too many strands on your face can give a clumsy look and unwanted shadows on your glowing face. This will disturb the photographer as well!

Don’t Overlook the Neckline of your Wedding Dress

A hairstyle should complement your look perfectly. Thus, keep a check on your attire as well, especially the neckline; if it is strapless, heart shaped, one shoulder – it will decide your hairstyle the best.

Apart from these rules, a proper hair treatment prior to your wedding is a must and keep in mind that your hair can make or spoil your look; thus choose a hairstyle that suits your personality and do not go drastic with fashion.


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