Arranging a wedding is indeed a very big affair and everything from inviting the guests to greeting them at the final day is done with utmost care and planning. From sending invitation cards to hiring event planners to booking food caterers, everything should be done in a budgeted manner. Given below are some of the tip as to how you can save money on wedding drinks and food.

tips to save money on wedding drinks and food

1. Plan a Wedding for the Afternoon Instead at Night

The cost of the lunch would be comparatively less as compared to the cost of the dinner. This is so because the dinner weddings and functions require variety of delicacies, desserts, snacks, mocktail and cocktail, while in the day time weddings, you can cut shot the menu and restrict it to the main course. Thus having an afternoon wedding would help you save your money.

2. Serve Signature Cocktails or Just Wine and Beer

Serving alcohol at the weddings is one of the biggest expenses. If this is not handled carefully, it might burn a hole in your budget list. Since the hotels and the caterers charge according to the number of bottles opened, make sure that you serve series of signature cocktails instead of serving individual drinks. You may also serve just wine and beer at the time of raising the toast.

3. Limit the Options

Bigger the menu list, higher the bill. Instead of providing your guests a choice between variety of cuisines and dishes, choose only one or two cuisines to serve. This would naturally help you save the extra cost.

4. Separate Caterer for Kids

If you know that there would be many kids at the wedding, you can even plan for a separate caterer for the kids to serve kids meals and kids boxes. This would cut your “per plate” cost and would give you a benefit in the total bill.

5. Go for Substitutes

If you have hired a caterer who offers mouthwatering dishes but are too expensive, go for substitutes. Look and search around for the substitute dishes and add them to your menu to lower the total food amount.

6. Avoid Repetitions

If you have already decided to keep pasta for example at the snack bar, do not introduce it again at the main course station. There is no limit to adding flavors to an existing dish and making it taste different every time, but there is a limit to spending your hard earned money on food. So be careful in choosing your menu.


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