The boutonniere is a floral decoration worn by men on special occasions. It is typically a single flower or a few small flowers kept together. There are different colors and designs of boutonnieres available at the florists depending on the occasion on which it is supposed to be worn.

Mostly, they are prepared or bought on the previous day in order to keep everything ready for special occasions but they tend to become dull and wither away as they are flowers. Of course, none of us want to wear dull and blackened boutonnieres and hence, below given are tips which will help you keep them fresh until the time you actually wear them.

tips to keep boutonniere fresh

Sprinkle Water on it

When your boutonniere is ready, take efforts to make it look vibrant. Use some cold water and spray bottle and keep spraying water on it every two to three hours. Also, spray the water on flower stems and if it is possible, keep the stems dipped in a shallow vase.

Do not Order it too Early

It is indeed good to be prepared well in advance in order to avoid last moment confusions, but as boutonnieres are made from fresh flowers, order them as late as possible so that you have to take the least efforts to keep it fresh. Have it delivered on the same day when you want to use it.

Refrigerate it

Refrigerators are made for the purpose of keeping all the perishable items fresh for a long as possible. So, you can keep the boutonniere in a plastic bag and refrigerate it if you want to preserve it overnight. This will definitely help you boutonniere stay fresh for as long as possible.

Keep it in the Fresh-Lock Container

Whenever you purchase a boutonniere, you usually get it in a fresh lock container which keeps it fresh for as long as possible. Keep it in the container itself and do not remove it until it shows signs of getting dull. This will keep it fresh until the time it has to be used.

Use a Sealant

Flower sealants are easily available at the florist. Spray some amount on the flowers and stems when you wear the boutonniere so that the flowers stay fresh and intact for as long as possible during the function as well, in case it is an outdoor function in hot summers.

If you follow the above-given tips, it is a past story to get embarrassed because of dull and withered boutonnieres as you now know how to preserve it even if you have made it or purchased it in advance. So wear the fresh boutonnieres and look your best!

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