Wedding is an occasion of lifetime and it is something that should be made a memorable one always. However, if you are planning a wedding for an older couple, the things are different when compared to the young couple.

Starting from decoration till the number of invitees – the planning will need a different touch. However, the elements of fun should never be missed. Below mentioned are some tips to plan a perfect wedding for an elderly couple.

wedding for elder couple made easyDo not go for the Princess Themes

Considering the age of the couple, you should never go for the princess themes or the voluminous themes. Do not make use of colours like pink. Try colours like cream that will perfectly suit the occasion. Let the occasion be a simple one and it will be better that you do not follow any particular theme.

Concentrate on your Strengths

Often elderly couples do not have much in savings for lavish shows. Thus, you need to consider the price aspect and plan the wedding accordingly. Go for a budget wedding and do not go for unnecessary expenses. Know the strengths and try to do some things at home, instead of hiring professionals like baking the cake at home, decorating the hallway etc. In this way you can also add a personal touch in the wedding of the elderly couple.

Do not Forget Children or Stepchildren

If the couple is a divorcee or a widow, never forget about the children or stepchildren as they are the people who would make the wedding a memorable one. You could take their help for choosing of the kind of music they want to play or could also take their assistance to plan for lunch or a dinner plan. With their help, the elegance of the occasion will surely be enriched.

Let the Invitation be a Simple One

Let the invitation card be a simple one and do not unnecessarily spend huge money on the invitation cards. Just let people know about the marriage and invite them heartily for the occasion.

Never Forget Romance

Irrespective of age, never forget romance in life. Even though you have planned for a simple wedding, you can rock the wedding with some beautiful dance and keep the element of romance alive for the elderly couple.

Thus with the help of above mentioned tips you can surely plan a good wedding for an older couple.

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