weeding planSo he finally proposed to you and your dream season to be married in is just around the corner.

You have waited this long you certainly aren’t waiting more than a year!

Is it really possible to plan a wedding in less than six months? Absolutely it is! And we will tell you how.

The very first thing you need to do is plan the date. Everything from the wedding invitations to the wedding photographer and DJ depend on knowing the date.

The most difficult venue to book is the reception hall whether it is an old mansion, a hotel ballroom or the top of the Hilton. Book your venue first. Everything else can build off of that date.

You have the date set. Now you need to either book a church if that is your choice of venue for the ceremony. Or maybe you want the wedding ceremony to be at the place of the reception, maybe flower gardens?

Regardless you need to determine few places where you would get married and start calling. You may not get your first choice but you will get your second or third.

After booking the ceremony venue depending on what is most important to you, will be your next call. Is the photography the main thing about your wedding? Or maybe it’s the flowers or the simple wedding cake? Maybe it is one specific DJ you want? This will be your next call. Have a list of two to three options and start calling.

You need to get your invitations out next. You know the ceremony venue and time, you know the reception venue and time so you know everything you need for the invitations. Get the invitations out then resume calling on the photographer, florist, DJ, caterer and whomever else.

Once you get the RSVPs back you will be able to give the caterers the number of people. The final number is really the last step in securing the catering and bar vendors if applicable.

4 weeks before the wedding date call all the vendors involved to confirm and go over your game plan and what your expectations are for the day.

You should have met with the DJ, photographer and florist by now but this is the perfect time to confirm your expectations. At this time there may be a deposit due as well.



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