planEngagement parties have become more popular and trendy and even somewhat expected as of the last decade or so.

An engagement party is basically a way to begin the celebrations of the showers and parties in the months to come.

An engagement party is the perfect time for the couple to celebrate together with their family and friends.

Engagement parties can be whatever the bride and groom want; however they should not be planned by the bride and groom. Usually a sibling or close friend will plan the engagement party.

They can be an intimate cocktail party at one of the parents’ homes or even a rented room at a restaurant or hotel. Many people opt to keep their engagement party invitation list small as there are definitely benefits to having a closer and more intimate gathering.

Planning an engagement party is much easier than any shower or bachelor party you will ever have to plan. Let’s say for arguments sake that you are the sibling of the bride and she and the groom want a small and intimate cocktail party at his parents’ house with only family and close friends.

They have extended the list out to include more than just the wedding party because they want those who aren’t going to be a part of the big day to be able to celebrate in the beginning of the process with them.

The only thing you need from the bride and groom are their invite list. Usually people bring gifts to the engagement parties however this is not the time to be assumptive and tell people where the couple will be registered.

There will be plenty of chances down the road for the bride and groom to receive gifts. People will most likely bring bottles of wine, plants or candles.

You need to remain in close contact with the groom’s family. Find out what they have as far as hosting a cocktail party and what they need. Remember to delegate.

Planning and co-hosting an engagement party can be very overwhelming so you need to delegate. Usually the parents of the couple and siblings of the couple take on the responsibilities.

Send out an email to the list of people, let them know it is an engagement open house and they can come anytime between 8pm and midnight the night of the party. You should provide beverages and appetizers as well as have some music in the background.



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