bridal showerYou’ve been asked to stand up for your best friend, maybe your sister, maybe your cousin or co-worker.

Regardless, you are either responsible for or obligated to help in the planning of the bridal shower. [bridal shower plan]

Preparing for a good friend’s wedding can be overwhelming. Just being there for your friend is responsibility enough! We can help you fulfill your obligation as bridesmaid or maid of honor in five simple steps.

First of all collaborate with one or two of the other bridesmaids. You will need to delegate duties to make things run more smoothly. With the other bridesmaids and the bride herself, find a date and time that the shower will work for the group of you.

It will never be possible to find a time and date that works for every woman she wants at her shower so just grab a date and time and stick with it.

Discuss what she wants; does she want a brunch bridal shower? Does she want it at a reception hall or maybe she wants something more intimate and smaller at someone’s house.

I think the perfect bridal shower is brunch either at a restaurant or someone’s house. Decide what, when and where you will have the bridal shower.

Get a list from the bride of all the women she wants invited to the party and their email addresses. This is going to be a green bridal shower we are not wasting paper on invitations! Put together a cute invitation in a Microsoft Word document and copy and paste it into an email.

Address the email to every woman she wants invited to the party. Make sure you tell the women they need to RSVP by certain date and tell them where she is registered.

Start your preliminary planning of the bridal shower. If you are going to have it at a location; work out the food and staffing details. If you are having it at someone’s home; work out the details and responsibilities as to which bridesmaids are responsible for what.

The days the RSVPS are due send out a friendly reminder via email. Once you’ve heard from the women who will be attending you will have a number to work with in regards to the food and drinks.

Between you and the other bridesmaids you will delegate who is in charge of decorations, utensils, food, drink, music, games if applicable, and a speech. You have just planned the perfect and stress free bridal shower!



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