If your wedding day is rapidly approaching, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind. From invitations to seating plans, buffet food to favours, there’s plenty to organize – but don’t forget to think about your lingerie.

The right bra will perfect your look, but what styles work best? And what garment will go well with your dress?

Strapless neckline

Strapless gowns are popular with brides-to-be. Whether you’ve had a breast reduction or are naturally petite, they tend to fit neatly round the bust and can show off a well-toned chest and shoulders.

If you go for this option, however, make sure you choose a strapless bra of the highest quality.It must have a silicone lining to stop it from falling down and should match the color of your dress.

To avoid a fashion faux pas, try all items on together and ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Jump around in the changing room and leave the shop knowing nothing will jiggle around when you are on the dance floor.

Low-cut neckline

There’s no harm in flashing some flesh on your big day. After all, it’s your moment to shine so why not make the most of your assets by selecting a low-cut number?

There are many wonderful styles in the shops these days, so find something you love and buy a plunge bra to go with it.

This type of boulder holder will offer you the shape and support you really need but will keep your cleavage free from material. If you buy a bra that’s too small you could have lumps and bumps in all the wrong places, so always get measured in every store and have your dress nearby to see what the two items look like together.

Corset dress

Choosing your wedding outfit is a once in a lifetime decision (hopefully) and is an event you’ll remember forever. Of course, all women have different expectations and tastes, but if you’ve dreamt of having a corset dress, keep looking until your find ‘the one’.

Once you have it, you’ll need to think carefully about your lingerie as a large part of your back will be on show. If you are small chested, you could probably get away with breast supports called chicken fillets which sit neatly over your bosoms.

If you are slightly more buxom or have had a breast augmentation, however, it might be wise to wear something with a little more support. You can disguise the straps by placing a square of material underneath the corseted section at the back and pinning it in place discreetly.

A decent bra will help you feel glamorous as you walk down the aisle, so hit the shops in good time.



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