wedding dressYour big day has been planned and now for the best and most anticipated part of it all; finding your wedding dress.

Most women have had their wedding dress designed in their mind since they were a little girl.

Sometimes our idea of the perfect wedding dress changes over the years and with the times.

Maybe you have recently attended a wedding and the bride wore a beautiful halter-styled dress and you always thought you wanted strapless.

Or maybe you saw a wedding dress on a celebrity wedding show and decided you really don’t want the mermaid-style.

Many times, however women will see a wedding dress designed by Vera Wang or another high profile fashion designer and decide they want that exact look.

Is it possible to find a designer looking wedding dress without paying the designer price? Of course it is and we will tell you how and where to look.

First of all check out second hand wedding stores. Many brides-to-be see a stigma that goes along with second hand stores but it doesn’t hurt to look and you never know you could find that designer look you are hoping for.

Check on eBay and for your designer looking wedding dress. eBay is usually a great place to look because it is easily navigable and there are pictures of every single wedding dress design therefore you can quickly scan down the page of wedding dresses; type in “vintage wedding dress” as well as “designer wedding dress”.

Look in your local paper classified section. It is common that women do not want to let their wedding dress go but realize they spent so much money on one occasion they should try to ‘rent’ it out.

Your chances of finding a Vera Wang knock off are high and your chances of finding a Vera Wang gown that is genuine is possible as well!



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