During my niece’s wedding, we were in the thick of things, staying out of town and following today’s mentality of marrying young, the couple were quite at sea when it came to managing the wedding.

If marriage is the best thing to happen to a couple, the wedding is by far the most important event in the life of a married couple. So important is the wedding ceremony that the couple wishes and invites everyone, right from their immediate to far flung family, their friends, their colleagues and acquaintances to be a part of the wedding ceremony.

Needless to say, every aspect of the wedding is thinly thought about and managed so that the wedding ceremony becomes a ceremony to remember for a long time, if not generations.

Of course, the center piece of the wedding ceremony was the wedding couple – husband and wife. Everything that is related to them on that day was chosen with impeccable taste and flawless beauty. Everything looks pretty as a picture – just like the wedding cake.

The wedding cake is an integral, traditional part of the wedding ceremony. The wedding cake suits the bride perfectly and more often than not it fits completely her choice – right from how it should look to what should be its main ingredients.

Though the wedding cake is an integral and traditional part of the wedding ceremony, not many are sure as to what is the actual significance of the wedding cake.

The wedding cake was most prominent in the USA during the 1960s, where the cakes were three to four storied and had heavy icing. I still vividly remember how my mother made a fuss about the wedding cake not being the right texture.

The wedding cake basically symbolizes fertility and prosperity. Traditionally, it is the bride who has the first bite of the cake, or else she will be childless and barren.

The husband and the wife cut the cake together, with their hands holding the knife. The first cut is done at the base and never at the top. Once this is done, the cake would be wheeled in so that the slices are distributed amongst everyone present.

Being presented the wedding cake is another symbol of being family and good friends with the wedding couple or their family. In several Christian families, you will find chunks of the wedding cake sent off to family members and relatives who could not attend the wedding being carted off via couriers and other ways.

Right from the design of the cake to how it should look, and what should be the toppings, the wedding cake suits the bride perfectly.

When it comes to the wedding cake, it can be quite a costly affair. The going cost for that particular wedding cake today was around $500 to $1000, with the more exotic cakes costing higher.

Of course, you can have a bit of cost cutting on your wedding cake, but the most elaborate designs are also the most beautiful.

It is perfectly normal to have two wedding cakes, with the main wedding cake having all the better ingredients, and the other cake having lesser ingredients, and therefore cheaper.

One popular way of cutting costs while making the wedding cake is to only put actual cake at the first two or three levels, and filling the other, higher levels with white cardboard.  A secondary, cheaper cake suffices to serve all the guests in the wedding ceremony.

Of course, one has to be careful while carrying out these cost cutting antics, because the wedding cake is considered to be a picture of the bride, because traditionally, the way the bride looks in that perfect day should resemble her wedding cake.



  1. Thanks for sharing the significance of the wedding cake.Weddings are the most cherished moments of any individual’s life.Love your post.


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