Like it or not, weddings are those times that bring together everyone whom you love on one platform, together.

In this fast changing world, weddings are those times when everyone comes together in a bid to enjoy the good times and family unity.

However, with the change in times, traditional values and lifestyles, there are bound to be changes in the tradition of how a wedding is carried out.

In the olden times, weddings would be a week or even a month long affair, how wealthy the family is, or whether the person is of royal heritage.

In the case of princess and kings, the entire kingdom would be in a festive mood for at least a month. However, today the wedding ceremony begins in the early morning and ends well past midnight the same day.

Also, along with the various changes in the ways of living, the finances of a person have also changed as time has passed by. A wedding fit for a king would actually cost a royal ransom today.

However, since the traditional wedding will be forever, there have to be some cost cutting exercises that every wedding planner has to look into.

This came to mind when my cousin, who was marrying young, and did not exactly have a game plan or a clue how to face planning the event, approached us and told us about the abysmally small budget that they had gathered doing temporary jobs to host the greatest wedding ever possible.

Of course, everyone thinks that they can change the world when they are young, and we were not going to try to change the kid’s minds. So, we had a modest budget and we had to launch the greatest wedding possible.

We gathered together and put on our thinking caps and planned how to trim our budget and still have a great wedding.

Drinks and Desserts:

Coming from a family of people who are standing as straight after their fourth drink as they were after their first drink, I can safely tell you that even the most hardcore of drinkers would not know the difference between watered down and a full bodied whisky after the first drink but after the third, they do not care anymore.

We also cut down on the quantity of drinks and added a variety of other, economic drinks.

We took every third bottle of vodka and replaced it with good quality whisky, which was quite economical as compared to the white fire. We also replaced every third bottle of whisky with two bottles of beer, which kept the younger folk happy and nicely buzzed.

The Food:

Every one eats differently. Having a good mix of foods is important and planning the amount to serve is just as vital. You want everyone to enjoy the wedding meal but you don’t want to waste. The best plan is to have a main entrée and plan all of the dishes, appetizers and deserts around the main course.

The Dress:

Yes, what the bride and the bridegroom wears is the most important aspect of the wedding ceremony.

After all, the wedding is about them, right? However, as my aunt Vera pointed out during our conversation, the only time she wore her wedding gown was during her wedding and the next time she would be wearing it would be when it wouldn’t matter what she’d be wearing.

And come to think of it, when we went ahead and looked at the prices of the wedding dress, we were flabbergasted. There are options. One is to create your own wedding attire and another is to go with rentals.

Both wedding gowns and tuxedos are extremely expensive and if you are only planning on wearing it once and tucking is away some where, why spend a fortune?

These simple aspects that we took made it possible for us to save some money, because we all know – the traditional wedding will be forever.



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