Just a few months ago, my daughter got married to the man of her dreams. Of course, the wedding of the first born of the family was always meant to be an exquisite affair, but this became the grand daddy of all celebrations in my family.

Maybe because I was the first born, maybe because my daughter was well liked by everyone – I would never know.  I was quite enthralled by every aspect of the wedding as I saw it unfold in front of my eyes. Right from the engagement ceremony to the bridal shower – everything was perfect.

Weddings are intricate, complicated and time tested processes. In fact, the actual wedding ceremony is just one of the ceremonies that take place when a couple is brought together in holy matrimony. One such celebration is called the Bridal Shower.

The Bridal Shower is basically a gift giving ceremony where the friends and relatives come together in an effort to congratulate the bride over her impending wedding.

I come from a large family, and have had a fair share of bridal showers. Of course, when I was young I did not have any say in how the bridal showers were being executed, but when I grew up, I became the person who got to arrange and manage any event in the house. I came across some aspects that would be known as the secret of a perfect bridal shower.

One such secret that I noticed was that a bridal shower is primarily a woman’s ceremony. Therefore, everything that would be used for the ceremony should be female oriented. So, bring on the pink curtains, the soft facades, etc. Believe me, this is one secret that if you adhere to, will ensure that your bridal shower is perfect!

Another secret of a perfect bridal shower that I found out was that the decisions you take before the actual bridal shower regarding the event play a more important role than the decisions that you take which actually regard the bridal shower.

It’s a family affair and everybody in the family will be eager to help you out in arranging the tiniest details.

However, it is your responsibility to decide who takes stock of your bridal shower and who comes to it only as a guest. Therefore, make sure that you choose the right person to choose the bridal shower venue, or the food, or the appetizers, or the entertainment. Make sure that everything is up to the mark that you would have.

One more secret that I may say is absolutely the secret of a perfect bridal shower is the food and appetizers. Of course, this does not mean that everyone is coming to your bridal shower to gorge on food, but if the event is very good and the food is not up to the mark, it will leave a bad taste in the mouth – fun intended.

Another aspect to remember is that women are great social butterflies, and any event related to women, which does not have a proper sitting place for them to sit and chat for a while is bound to be doomed since beginning. Make sure that the furniture arrangement of the bridal shower is done in such a way that people can sit around and have a hearty chat.

Entertainment is another important aspect of the perfect bridal shower. Of course, everything is well when you have a good place for people to sit and chat, but you should also have some entertainment at end, otherwise people do not have any conversation to take care of and will sit around with sullen faces.

Keep these aspects in mind and you would surely unveil the secret of a perfect bridal shower!



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