That special moment prior to the wedding can possibly the bridal shower. It is the moment to enjoy and celebrate being single with your loved ones and friends for the last time.

Bridal showers are normally hosted by the maid of honor but in most cases, good friends are the ones who host the shower.

While the bridal shower is all about the bride, the host should also think of the attendees who made the occasion possible by giving bridal shower favors. These favors come in different forms as a means of thank you for their active participation and support for the bride to be.

bridal shower favorsBridal shower favors should be given by the host and not the bride. The bride doesn’t have anything to do with the party except to show up and enjoy the moment.

Unique bridal shower favors

1. Giveaways

Party giveaways are the most common bridal shower favors you can find in almost any shower. It can come in the form of a figurine, thank you cards or little things that will certainly remind you, you attended the occasion.

2. Extended celebration

2-3 weeks prior to the shower, invitations are sent. Indicate in this invitation that you are hosting a night out or an out of town party after the bridal shower.

Have them indicate in the RSVP if they can attend the post bridal party for you to be able to make a rough estimate of the budget. Of course, this party is without the bride already.

3. Movie passes

If you’re not tight on the budget, one of the bridal shower favors you can actually give are movie passes. What is a good way to thank all those who joined? Treat them to a relaxing movie of their choice. This is recommended especially if it’s a small bridal shower.

4. Bag of chips

It may sound weird but as a way of thanking your guests, one of the unique bridal shower favors you can give everyone is the bride’s favorite chips.

5. Nightshirt

If you’re planning on throwing a bridal shower and can’t decide on what bridal shower favors to give, why not try giving a nightshirt with the bride’s favorite color and have it custom printed the date of the shower and the bride’s name.

Bridal shower favors don’t need to be expensive. In fact, you can do without them, but a gesture of great appreciation and thanks to all those who made the occasion fun and successful; it is advised to give thank you favors to your guests.

If you are the host and you are the do-it-yourself type of person, you can come up with creative ideas[bridal shower ideas] to make unique and simple bridal shower favors to your guests.

Have the bridesmaids and other friends of the bride help you in planning and making these giveaways. Remember, if you wish to do it yourself, start early. At the same time or even prior to the distribution of invitations, your giveaways should be intact.



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