A bridal shower is always important in the life of the brides, and you might want the occasion to be memorable for the guests as well, so look for some fun bridal shower favor ideas. You could be thinking about something that is funny, sweet or that will always be a memory.

Measuring spoon

The bridesmaids and the other women being present at the bridal shower most probably spend quite some time in the kitchen and this is why it could be a really good idea to consider as an idea for bridal shower favor a heart shaped measuring spoon. These are quite inexpensive, and it’s not something that they will throw in a drawer and never use again.

Bridal Shower Favor IdeasGet back to the kitchen

In case you think that the idea for bridal shower favor that includes the measuring spoon isn’t really appropriate for your guests, you could choose another tool from the kitchen: the whisk.

Since we are talking about a wedding there is no way for this tool not to have a heart on it.

Manicure set as an idea for bridal shower favors

We all know that manicure is something really important for women, and this is why it could be one of the best ideas to offer the guests a manicure set. Naturally we aren’t referring to some traditional, regular manicure set, but one that comes in the shape of a purse, that is pink and that also has polka dots. You can find these ideas for bridal shower at about $5.

Lips please

Besides the manicure, women are also really responsible when it comes to their lips, and this is why it is one of the best bridal shower favor ideas to offer lip balm. Naturally you shouldn’t enter just any store and get the lip balm that you find, but offer the guests personalized lip balms to make them remember your special event.

No whining with the wine

You may know that the best ideas for bridal shower favor include those items that have been personalized. There is almost nothing that you can’t personalize, but one of the best things that you can offer to your guests is a wine glass that has been personalized according to the event.

Something sweet

If you aren’t looking for those bridal shower favor ideas that offer something durable, but something fun, then most definitely you should consider the bridesmaid dress cookies. These can come in different shapes and sizes, and it is a fun idea to make the cookies look the like the dresses of the bridesmaids.


It wouldn’t be one of the creative bridal shower favor ideas if we would refer to the real cakes. Actually we are talking about those towel gifts that have the shape of a piece of cake. You can be sure that such a gift would make the guests smile.

Mini candy jars

Another one of the great bridal shower favor ideas is to offer a small little candy jar that has a special message.



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