If your friend is soon going to get married then it is your responsibility to organize a bridal shower for her. But since bridal showers have become very common and popular these days, most of them seem pretty much the same and have no creative angle associated with them. So try and be creative and offbeat to surprise your friend and give her a good last singles party before she goes into wedlock. For your reference and help, we have brought together a list of some unique and offbeat ideas for a bridal shower.

offbeat ideas of bridal shower for a friend

Rock Show Shower

If your soon to be married friend is a music lover or a rock show lover then you can invite her and her friends to a rock show before the wedding and celebrate her last singles party there. You can even invite a local rock band to a venue of your choice and do a rock show of your own.  Make sure you include karaoke and invite loads of people for the party to be more fun.

A Bridal Shower Trip

Why limit a bridal shower to a particular day or party when it can extend onto a trip? Well you can also plan a small getaway to a fabulous destination and invite the bride’s friends to it as well. This can be a great send off for your friend and her last chance to do crazy things with her pals before she gets married.

A Bridal Shower in Vineyards

Another way to throw a bridal shower for your best friend is to find a good vineyard and then go for a wine tasting party. Wine tasting amidst the beauty of natural vines can be a great way to wish your friend good luck for her married life and can be a lot of fun with all the wine around you.

A Pajama Party

To remember the good old school or college days, you can also do a traditional pajama party with gossip, music, alcohol and some pranks. Invite all the girlies to a pajama party at someone’s house or apartment and let your soon to be bride friend enter her childhood or teenage years again.

Go Club Hopping

You can also go club hopping on your friend’s bridal shower as this can be a lot of fun for everyone who is invited.


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