Bridal showers are an exciting and fun event conducted before every wedding.

There are many ways to go about planning and executing a bridal shower, but the whole purpose of the event is to give gifts to the bride for use during or before her wedding and allow her some quality time with close female friends.

bridal showerGames are usually added as a fun element to any bridal shower, while guests sit in a circle surrounding the bride and giving her gifts.

If it’s your first time to plan a bridal shower for a close female friend or relative, here are some ideas:

  • Plan the bridal shower efficiently by creating a timeline for the event. This will also help make things more organized and keep things in momentum throughout. Include: opening of gifts, snacks, games, awarding of prizes, and other things you want to include in the bridal shower.
  • The bridal shower should always be fun and memorable; many people like to incorporate humor into the entire event.This is done by giving humorous yet useful gifts, and by playing games throughout the event. There are a variety of suitable games you can play during the bridal shower, such as:

Fashion show: Divide the guests into teams and each of them should have a muse. The team should dress their muse in a wedding dress out of tissue paper, and a set of judges will determine the winner.

Hot seat: Interview the groom before the bridal shower and ask him various questions such as his habits, likes, and dislikes. During the bridal shower, ask the bride these questions to see if she gets them right.

Truths and lies: During this game, each guest will introduce herself and say two things about her: one is a truth, and one is a lie. Guests are then assigned to write this down and shout which one they think is a lie.

  • Beforehand, make sure that all the materials needed for the games are complete. This includes paper and pen for scoring, tissue paper, cards for the hot seat, etc.
  • Favors are not only a requirement but will also give something to your guests to allow them to take home memories of this special event with them, if you have the budget for it.Simple ideas such as a keychain, plant seeds, a cupcake, or a small photo of the bride with the guest on it are great ideas.
  • Depending on the length of the bridal shower and the time of the day, a menu is important as well. If you are planning it for the afternoon, tea and finger food would do.If the bride and her friends are fond of cocktails, a cocktail-themed shower party is also fun. You can hire a bartender to provide favorites throughout the night with snacks on tables as well.
  • When planning the venue for the bridal shower, ensure that you have complete attendance for the guests by asking them to RSVP. This will also help you to plan adequate food and drink for everyone.


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