The bachelorette party is just another fun time for any bride to be. There are few moments, which can be described as delicate, especially when it comes to the guest list for the bachelorette party. There is one person, which usually we wonder about- your mother.

bachelorette partiesTypically the tradition of the bachelorette parties doesn’t include moms on the wildest night before the big day.

It depends on your relation with your mother, but the question is – can you be wild, while your mom is watching you.

Some girls prefer low-key bachelorette party; others go for classy events without putting on the list a male stripper or dirty talk.

Usually the bachelorette parties lasts for a weekend, but if you do not know if you should invite your mother at this party, just think about what you really want for your last girl party before you are to be married.

In case you want wild stuff, just don’t invite your mom, but if you really want her to be among your best friends, invite her and cut the stripper part. Think twice and don’t forget whatever you are choosing to do, it is your last party as a single woman with your best friends.



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